The objectives of our Partnership include:

♦ To develop pupils‘ entrepreneurial mindsets;

♦ To develop clear strategies, vision and impact of entrepreneurship in the tourism sector; 

♦ To develop a cadre of young leaders who will share their knowledge and skills with their peers through positive action;

♦ To empower teens with the knowledge, competences and skills that will guarantee their less stressful transition to adulthood;

♦ To prevent genocide, ethnic cleansing, racism and xenophobia;

♦ To enact efficient inclusion by involving in the project pupils with learning disabilities, migrants, and those facing social obstacles;

♦ To engage parents, local businesses and educational authorities in a meaningful and fruitful dialogue about youth employment;

♦ To generate some useful ideas about the future development of tourism in our regions that stakeholders may take into consideration;

♦ To promote our regions as attractive tourist destinations; 

♦ To generate more efficient communication in foreign languages; 

♦ To apply for eTwinning School Labels.

Short-term results: to turn this transnational synergy into an informative and unforgettable experience; to have our project nominated as a good practice and, hopefully, a success story by the EC.

Long-term results: to obtain sustainable outcomes and follow-ups; to provide a working guidelines to our pupils‘ future careers; to share each partner’s innovative teaching methods and good practices; to develop a commitment to transnational cooperation and internationalisation of education; to contribute to the growth of local tourism infrastructures; to create friendships for a lifetime. Targeted outcomes include: 1) to develop pupils‘ entrepreneurial skills and competences that will contribute to their job orientation and successful career paths; 2) to strengthen teaching profession through devoted social engagement; 3) to offer working solutions to local communities‘ development (youth employment being the priority goal, followed by improving tourism infrastructure). These intangible results will materialise in our FINAL OUTPUTS: 

1) ‘‘My Dream Job‘‘ (a collection of pupils‘ essays, debating materials, etc.);

2) ‘‘Young Entrepreneurs‘‘ (pupils‘ factsheets about visited landmarks, learning diaries, business plans, job interviews, presentations);

3)‘‘ART – Augmented Reality in Tourism‘‘ (pupils‘ final products with creative solutions to boost partners‘ local niche tourism: caving, coffee/ chocolate tourism, bird watching, gastro-tourism, event tourism, and ecotourism); 4) ‘‘Empathy vs Bullying‘‘ (videos and PDFs about inclusive schooling of migrant and disabled children, pupils‘ reflections on visited rehabilitation centres for SEN kids, refugee camps, orphanages);

5) ‘‘United in Diversity‘‘ (a collection of tangible results such as local customs and traditions, culinary recipes, videos with folk music and dances, schools’ presentations, sport achievements).